Our linen massages your skin and relieves fatigue, so you wake up more refreshed


Sweet Dreams

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I love my sheet set! It’s soft, cool, and comfortable and helps me to get a great night’s sleep. Your customer service went above and beyond for me as well—a very happy customer!

Mary T.

I've wanted linen sheets for a long time and I finally sprung for them late last year. I was surprised the first night I slept on them that I woke up so refreshed. I hadn't woken up one time being too warm. I hadn't needed to flip my pillow over to the "cool side" in the middle of my sleep. In other words, I'd slept soundly all night. I know the benefits of linen and love wearing it, but sleeping between linen sheets ups my appreciation for the fabric 10-fold! Natural fibers are where it's at!


So this is what luxury FEELS like. I now live in my linen bathrobe. It came to my door beautifully gift wrapped and so soft I couldn’t resist putting it on instantly. For me, it’s a game changer. I want everything linen! Beflax is amazing and will not disappoint!


Really enjoying my new linen blanket! I enjoy cuddling up in it and the size is soooo nice. Plenty of cover without being too much. Really appreciate the handwritten note as well! Thank you!!!! If you're considering purchasing this, I think you'll enjoy it. :-)

Robert F.

I sleep better than ever! These sheets are beautiful and so comfortable. I love going to bed!

Celeste J.

Beflax Linen Home Décor Products

We take pride in delivering the highest quality linen home décor products at the most affordable prices. Our 100% pure linen bedding is non-allergenic, and its breathable properties promote a calming, restful sleep. Natural linen absorbs moisture and reduces heat, so you can stay cool and comfortable all night long. In addition to our linen bedding sets, our soft and luxurious textiles include blankets, bathrobes, aprons, tablecloths, and more.

At Beflax Linen, we also make sure the footprint we leave behind is non-toxic and sustainable. Our production complies with the most ecological and socially responsible methods, and we constantly seek ways to minimize our environmental impact. We ship all Beflax linen home décor products and goods in recycled, eco-friendly packaging.

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