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Linen Fabric Care

Linen is a popular choice for many essential items, such as clothing, bedsheets, handbags, and towels. One reason this fabric is so versatile is its durability. Leather, suede, and other similar materials require complicated cleaning steps, and if you make a mistake, you may ruin the piece altogether. Linen, on the other hand, can go right into your washing machine when it gets dirty.
At Beflax Linen, we love this material for its low maintenance properties. However, it’s still important to follow our recommended linen fabric care instructions to ensure your linen items last a long time.

How to Care for Linen Fabric

  1. Simple wash, gentle cycle, cold to warm water (±40°C or 105°F)
  2. Use bio-degradable soap, liquid pre-diluted detergent (if possible)
  3. Wash with as much water as possible to allow for movement
  4. Don’t use chlorine bleach (or any brighteners)
  5. Air dry (or <30 min on low/no heat)
  6. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight over long periods
  7. Remove linen fabric slightly damp and lay flat
  8. Don’t dry clean
  9. No need to iron

If you like that relaxed look that linen has, ironing is not necessary, but it’s still an option if you prefer to remove the fabric’s telltale wrinkles. Make sure the linen is still slightly damp and use a steam iron for optimum results. If the fabric is already dry, try rewetting it with a spray bottle. Linen is vulnerable to shrinkage, so pay careful attention to the water temperature. Hot water can have a devastating effect on this fabric—stick to cold or warm water to avoid this problem.

Follow these simple linen fabric care instructions, and your linen bed sheets, clothing, and handbags will continue to look fabulous. If you have any additional questions about caring for your Beflax Linen items, contact us for more information.

We do not recommend to use
any home remedies to soften our linen fabric