We've all been waiting for something new and refreshing this coming summer season. Most of the social restrictions are lifted, one can really take a deep breath of air without any face coverings, and everything is in bloom. Ahh, bliss..

Here at Beflax Linen we've also been craving something fresh in our product line. Inevitably, the choice for the new color linen bedding was clear - green! The question we faced was: which shade though? While our solid colors linen bedding line already has a nice range of trendy earthy tones, the addition of Olive Green shade not only delivers another darker color to the palette, but also surprisingly elevates the room and adds the immediate feel of nature in any bedroom interior. 

If in doubts, pull a couple of plants from other rooms (don't have any? Borrow from a neighbour or check a couple of home improvement stores which usually have a nice plant return policy) and place those next to your nightstands. We promise you, even the most chic, modern or even __ style bedroom will get the homey feeling and a breath of fresh air (literally!).

See how we have transformed a classy grey colors bedroom into oasis with our new Linen Bed Sheet and Duvet Cover sets in Olive Green.

linen olive green pillowcase sham  linen duvet cover with coconut button in olive green color olive green linen bedding set