You’ll never understand your mom, unless you become one

Even if you’re a dad, you still won’t get it


In anticipation of the Mother’s Day, I was reflecting a lot on the past 5 years, and things I’ve achieved. I couldn’t stop thinking about what a huge role any mother carries in general, and what role my mom played in those past years, as well as becoming a mom myself was a life changing event!

As you probably already know my mother was the primary inspiration for Beflax Linen, and that’s what makes this brand to stand out in my opinion.

The generational legacy that is carried throughout the whole business is the core of Beflax Linen. My Mom, being a super crafty woman, taught me everything I know about textiles, and Linen in particular. Today we share and educate each other of new industry developments, fun linen facts we didn’t know and other ways to preserve nature for everyday life. If it wasn’t for her, I’d probably be still doing 9-5, rushing to my babies after work..

Which brings me to the next spin of our generational story - the part where I became a mom. I’ll skip all ups & downs, the joy of motherhood and tears from sleep deprivation, I’ll just say - it’s an amazing experience that is not comparable to anything else. And it does change not only your life perspective, if changes everything :)))

It’s now important to me to keep raising my daughters being the best example for them, showing that there shouldn’t be any prejudices in achieving your goals and dreams, that a girl can do anything and more, and yes, she can be a great mom and a successful business owner at the same time. Whether they decide to continue this legacy or choose a path of their own, I know that I’ll teach them to be the best versions of themselves, and Beflax Linen will always be a part of their history.

While I keep on raising all three of my babies (daughter #1, Beflax Linen, daughter #2) and take good care of them so they grow into decent adults, I’d like to remind you that without moms - there is no us, without moms - there is no future.


Cherish yours. Forever