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We can no longer hide from the world problems of pollution, overuse & misuse of natural resources, and human ability to create piles of waste certainly adds a huge chunk..

Here at Beflax Linen we want to deliver the best what nature gives with zero to minimum waste to the environment, in recyclable & reusable packaging, and always taking care of those who help the good to be part of your everyday life.


That's the answer to your question 'why linen?' LINEN is the only healthy and most sustainable fabric there is.

Very eco-friendly linen is made from Flax plant, a renewable resource that can be grown without fertilizers or pesticides, and requires much less water than cotton.

Linen fabric is extremely strong and will last for years without the need to be replaced, get it?

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Even the most sustainable product needs to be delivered to the end user (aka YOU), unless it's digital of course.

We partnered with Limeloop - recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging. So we don't even use cardboard boxes anymore, and it's easier than recycling for you - just drop the bag back in your mailbox and you're done.

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