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What we do


Beflax Linen offers you an opportunity to make a change in your home and your business by bringing linen goods closer to you. Our production process is oriented on preserving and enhancing the many amazing characteristics of linen fibers, assuring the safety and most responsible methods in crafting our designs. 

Besides the wide range of home linen goods for your everyday life, we also offer one of a kind Bespoke Linen pieces - made just for YOU and exactly how you envisioned it!


Organic Nature

When browsing Beflax Linen collections, you can be sure ALL our products are made with 100% Linen. We use only natural flax from the best fields in France and Belgium, and sewn by craftsmen from Portugal according to finest traditions. Our environmentally friendly non-waste production, complies with the most ecological and socially responsible methods, and you'll never find a piece of plastic in our recycled packaging.

Unique Weave

Our fabric’s weave is specially crafted by our textile experts with over 50 years of experience. Great balance of comfort and weight, alongside its rich texture, feels pleasant to touch and regulates you body temperature allowing it to breathe. Beflax Linen team carefully chooses each linen fabric for varietyOur linen is never too thin or too thick, it's just perfect.

Gorgeous & Healthy

Our linen is softened with natural enzymes and other organic components that are tested and certified as non-harmful, both for the environment and for daily use. While we only use non-toxic dyes, we are on a constant question to get all out linen products to high-performance colors synthesized from natural waste (such as non-edible shells of nuts and leaves). We take pride in delivering customer confidence and high product safety. 


Our crafters are able to make any design you have in mind.

Here are some of the examples of endless possibilities.

For inquires please call: (720) 334-8898

Designs for the Whole Family

Whether you're looking for a particular bedding size for yourself or your little one, or just want more linen in your life we can customize most of our designs to fit you and your needs

Clothing Line

While we work on creating our first linen capsule clothing line, we're happy to make any linen piece of clothing you have in mind: a dress, a jacket, a pair of pants or anything else

Attention to Details

From quilt stitching to handmade embroidery, Beflax Linen tailors can bring any design idea to life - your creativity is the limit!