Can you fall asleep easily on your bed linen?

Linen bedding contributes to healthy, peaceful and relaxed sleeping due to remarkable properties of its fabric

If you are looking for stylish bedding with texture, which does not lose its color even after numerous washings, you can rest assured - since the solution has been here from ancient times and we gonna tell you all about it! One should buy luxury bed linen always made from natural linen fabric by Beflax, a local Colorado company in the USA. You should try it only once and it will become your first and only choice forever. Sounds like an overstatement?, doesn’t it? However, there are some valid powerful arguments that convince you of the truth of this statement.

To begin with, the qualities of linen fabric itself have provided its unsurpassed position among other bedclothes materials. Linen is a hypo-allergenic material which is especially vital if you have sensitive skin. It is a gift given by nature which allows your skin to breathe during the whole night time. What’s more, linen bedding stays clean for longer since the textile possesses anti-static qualities.

Bed linen created from 100% natural linen is a versatile option which takes care of you all year round regardless of a season and weather conditions. Linen products are capable of regulating your body temperature and the temperature in the near surroundings of you. Therefore it will keep you warm when it’s cold outside, and wrap your skin with a nice cool air during warm or hot days.

It is not a secret that a good deep night’s sleep makes you feel peppy, cheerful and rested for the whole day ahead. One more significant property that turns out to be useful in bed linen in this regard is it’s fabric’s massaging effect. Thanks to the textile quality, it enhances the blood flow and lets you get rid of exhaustion. However, don’t worry about discomfort caused by (wrongfully presumed) rough structure of linen fabric. All Beflax linen pieces are softened with natural enzymes and other organic components to make every inch of linen fabric smooth to touch.

Linen fabrics also have one more positive impact on your health: linen products have the properties of anti-infective agents. Meaning they help to avert and cure fungal and infectious diseases, as well as to prevent odor and excessive sweating. Basically it means that you do not have to change your linen bedcovers as often as ones made from cotton, for instance. And it can possibly help you to faster get rid of that itchy eczema spot or minor scratch.

Moreover, unlike cotton, linen bed linen proves to be 30% more durable and it remains as sound as a bell for a long time even after countless washings. Linen is also known for good moisture absorbing qualities and drying quickly, so linen bedding causes no trouble with maintenance. It can be tumble dried (just make sure you use the lowest temperature programs on your washing machine and tumble dryer). Only remember that it is easy to iron your linen sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers being slightly wet to avoid too many folds.

Finally, those people who care about the carbon footprint, we as humanity leave behind, should definitely consider an option to buy bed linen made by Beflax, a local Colorado company in the USA, since linen is a biodegradable sustainable fiber which production has zero to minimum waste. This eco-friendly trend is also supported by using only natural dyes. You can choose your favorite hue among a wide choice of accessible alternatives to highlight your style. The amazing possibilities of modern technologies contribute to creating stunning design that will find home in every bedroom, bringing along the impeccable natural style and luxury.

A new, highly anticipated, Beflax collection of bed linen will become available on sale at the end of January. The sales performance is expected to be high. In our online linen store you can find top quality items created with love and style. For our customers’ convenience online shopping and quick delivery services are provided 24/7. Besides, you would be delighted with reasonable and affordable prices in comparison to our competitors.