It’s no secret that hosting a holiday get together can be challenging. Between the food, decorating, and getting your space in tip-top shape, who has time to make sure the table looks just right?

The good news is that setting up your table the proper way doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these tips to impress all of your guests this season.

utensils how to set up holiday table


All forks being used should go on the left side, with the one you’re using first on the inside. The knife and spoon should go to the right of the dishes.

glasses how to set up holiday table


The water glass and wine glass should both be placed to the right of the plate, in the order in which they will be used. If a champagne glass is set out, it would go farthest away.

charger how to set up holiday table


This European-style decoration dish isn’t used for food but is the prime distinction between formal and informal affairs.

entree plate how to set up holiday table 

Entrée plate

This is where the main course will go, and it should be placed on top of the charger.

napkin how to set up holiday table 


There are various ways to fold a napkin, but no matter what method you choose, the napkin should be placed on the entrée plate instead of under the silverware. Easy way to elevate your table is by adding linen - a luxurious timeless fabric, that not only bring the feeling of home to your guests, but also be a functional piece of your setting. Check out the Kitchen Linen collection from Beflax Linen, and prep for your holiday table setting with gorgeous striped linen runner and matching linen napkins.


Bon Appetit !



Shared with us by fellow Beflax Linen customer, Rachel Mulvihill