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Linen Swatch Bundle

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Color:Swatch Bundle (12 colors)

The best way to determine the color and the feel of our linen items is to get a free sample of the fabric. Simply add a Swatch Bundle to your cart, fill in the shipping address, and you'll get it in your mailbox within 1-3 business days (offer available for US customers only, please contact us if you reside outside of the US).

Please note: the color may slightly vary due to photography and differences in screen settings - but good thing you're getting these swatches!

Good For You

Breathable & Durable

Thermoregulating & Moisture Absorbing

Sustainable & Certified

Ready to ship within 24h

Handmade in Portugal

Linen Swatch Bundle
Linen Swatch Bundle Sale price$0.00

Certified for the absence of any chemicals

Over 10000 linen bedding sets sold

Durable Timeless Luxury

Heat-regulating sheets with Breathability

Good for YOU

Natural & Hypoallergenic

Linen is perfect for sensitive skin, and has been proven to be good for your body and sleep

Unique texture of linen fibers provides micro-massage that increases blood circulation, which relieves fatigue during sleep allowing for fresher start the next day

It also has anti-static qualities therefore it collects less dirt and doesn't require often washings

Breathable & Durable

Linen is made out of Flax plant, where fibers from the stem create linen fabric while the seeds from the flower is widely used in our everyday life.

Linen fibers are wholesome and extremely breathable due to their structure, breathability is the first step in choosing healthy fabrics for your self.

Additionally, linen fibers are very strong compared to other natural fabrics, so linen can withstand a lot of washings without losing its properties and shape, and last you for years to come.

Thermoregulating & Moisture Absorbing

Natural Linen fibers create the most breathable textile, that is also a high thermal regulator (perfectly regulates skin-air heat exchange)

Ergonomically woven linen fabric absorbs moisture extremely well and dries out fast in comparison to other natural fabrics such as cotton and other man-made fabrics.

Sustainable & Certified

Linen is one of the top sustainable fabrics in the world made from Flax plant, which is a renewable resource. The production of our linen products is zero-waste, and complies with the most ecological and socially responsible methods ♻

All our linen products has following certifications: