Wool Dryer Balls


Natural alternative to your regular dryer sheets

Our Wool Dryer Balls help preserve the benefits of the linen fabric, keeping it safe for those with sensitive skin. They decrease drying time by up to 50% by allowing more air circulation, and also fluff and soften your linen without the use of harsh chemicals. 

You can always add a drop of your favorite essential oil onto the Wool Dryer Ball in order to achieve the desired smell. Reusable, natural and chemical-free - no more need for dryer sheets or liquid fabric softeners. 


Made 100% natural New Zealand Wool

Eco-friendly & natural

Hypoallergenic, gentle on your cloths and skin 

Unscented fabric softener & static guard

Set includes 3 Wool Balls, 3'' diameter each

Lasts 1,500 plus loads of laundry


For small-medium loads of laundry use 3-4 balls, for larger loads use 5-6 balls

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